About Business Cents

Business Cents is a full-service Otsego, MN accounting firm providing accounting, payroll, and tax services to small to mid-size businesses throughout Minnesota. We strive to build a long-lasting relationship built on trust and respect with each client by providing the financial reporting businesses need in order to grow and flourish. We’ll work with you to find ways for your business to become more profitable and achieve your financial goals.

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Karla Forde, Accountant

"Serving small business owners and helping them achieve their goals by providing great service and leadership awards Karla with a feeling of achievement that is very fulfilling."

Karla Forde started her career in public accounting working at mid to large sized corporations to become an experienced and well-rounded accountant. She’s held positions at Caterpillar Paving, Digital River, and Amplifon in Minneapolis. Karla started Business Cents in 2010 to serve small and mid-size companies in need of affordable accounting and tax services.

Karla has an A.A. Degree in Business specializing in Information Systems from Standing Rock Community College. She has a Certificate of Accounting through Universal Accounting where she received honors for her academic achievement and has completed H&R Block tax courses, gaining valuable tax preparation experience. Karla is a Registered Agent with the IRS and fulfills all CE requirements per IRS regulations.